Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Giveaway: FREE Copy of The City of Lost Secrets

Starting today, you can enter to win a free copy of my novel, THE CITY OF LOST SECRETS from my writer buddy S.M. Boyce's blog. See all the details and enter to win here. It's ridiculously easy to enter; just give her your first name and email address.

Where you're at it, check out her 31 Days of Giveaways contest that my book is a part of. All month long, she's giving away a book a day from fellow writers she's partnered with to help promote writers and their work.

Also while you're at it, check out S.M.'s website; she's a writer too, and pens fantasy and paranormal fiction. She does a lot to promote her fellow writers and is one heckuva gal! Help support her!

If you've already read THE CITY OF LOST SECRETS (thanks! You're awesome!), enter to win a copy for that special reader in your life! Christmas may be over, but there's gotta be someone you know who has a birthday coming up, right?

Thanks for reading and don't forget, the contest ends next Monday 1/16.

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