Friday, December 9, 2011

GoodReads Book Giveaway Now Closed

Thank you to the 1,000+ people who signed up to win a copy of my novel, The City of Lost Secrets, on the GoodReads website. I was completely STUNNED by the amount of interest in the book and thank each and every one of you for entering the contest. I wish I had a thousand books to give away to all of you! Seriously, I'm simply amazed and so very grateful. You rock!

Alas, I could only give away two. The winners have been notified (by me and by GoodReads) and the books are on their way. Here's hoping they like the book and are willing to give me a review and/or feedback.

If you didn't win and are still interested in the book, it's available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. If you download it to your Kindle you can get a Kindlegraph.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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