About Me


I wrote my first story when I was 8 years-old, as a part of my elementary school RIF program. It was about a family lost at sea; the manuscript is all but lost as well, as are any recollections about the actual plot. I won top prize for that story and decided at that tender age that I wanted to write stories for a living. But it wasn’t until after graduating from Kutztown University with an English degree that I started taking my writing more seriously. I penned stories, dozens of them, most of which sat in a drawer, unpublished. The timing just wasn’t right. Other things took precedence—namely, a career and a marriage.

Finally, after ten years of tinkering, I felt the time was right. It was time to hone my craft and get published. I summoned the courage to put my writing out there, first as travel essays and articles, then a short story--THE DEPARTMENT OF LOST AND FOUND—and then my first published novel, THE CITY OF LOST SECRETS.
I live in southeastern Pennsylvania with my wonderful husband. I plan to continue writing and publishing until I can no longer type or hold a pen.