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The Department of Lost and Found -- A Short Story

Zoe Miller spends her days reuniting passengers with their belongings in the Lost and Found department of a small regional airport. While helping others comes naturally to the happy-go-lucky 28-year-old, helping herself does not. People have been telling her for years that she’s lost: stuck in a dead-end job, weighed down by a relationship with a commitment-phobic boyfriend, and living in a town that never quite felt like home. She should want more out of life, but Zoe doesn’t understand why everyone can’t just leave her alone. She’s happy, right? So when a handsome Australian stranger upends everything she thought she knew--and makes her an offer almost too good to be true--Zoe suddenly has a decision to make: stay within the comfort zone of the only life she's ever known, or take a chance on the stranger promising her a happier, more fulfilling life?

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